Top 5 Favorite Trips – #4 Tuscany, Italy

We’re running through our top 5 favorite trip list, and coming in at #4 is Tuscany, Italy in 2014.   What makes this trip an easy choice is the fact that we were in Tuscany for the wedding of our great friends Corey and Laura.  Corey is Brian’s best friend from childhood so when they decided to get married in Italy, they knew just who to call!

A few years before their engagement, we sent Corey and his family on a multi-city Italy vacation with one stop at a villa in Tuscany. Corey and Laura decided to go back to the same villa and also rent the neighboring villa for the week prior to their nuptials, which housed about 20 people between the two.  While we could write an entire blog about the wedding all on it’s own, we’ll focus on why this trip was extra special for us.

Tuscany 045

This trip to Tuscany was our first extended trip away from our 15 month old son, so that in itself is something to be excited about. We also love Italy, the food, the wine, the people and the history.  But a trip to Tuscany is different, because of the secluded nature, it probably wouldn’t have made our top 5 list if it wasn’t for the amazing group of people we stayed with in those two villas.

The drive from Rome to our Villa was absolutely beautiful, we had to stop and take pictures of the sprawling fields of sunflowers.


After a quick detour (from not following our GPS) we arrived at the villas, and they were everything you would picture a Tuscan Villa to be.





The grounds were impeccable, each had it’s own private pool and flowers were everywhere you turned. We also had our very own lemon trees and grapes hanging from vines as we made our way down the path to the pool.



Yes, the villas were amazing and the perfect place to relax by the pool, read a book, enjoy a glass of wine, or even sleep in until 1pm (which I did our first full day).

The days leading up to the wedding were spent enjoying the villas, visiting a nearby winery, grocery shopping in the local town and making homemade pasta dinner for 20, and drinking endless bottles of amazing red wine. Having a really fun group of people to share our days and nights and tell stories with, truly is what made our trip so special. The owner of the villa even stopped by a few times and set up a private dinner for us one night in the villa – one of the highlights of the trip!





The remaining wedding guests arrived and stayed in a small city about 30 minutes from our Villas, so a group of us met for drinks in the city square the night before and everyone drove in for the wedding that morning/afternoon.

The wedding ceremony was held on site at the larger villa, fully catered in the villa’s chef’s kitchen and everything went off without a hitch!

All in all, what an amazing backdrop for a wedding, huh?







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  1. […] Top 5 Favorite Trips – #4 Tuscany, Italy […]


  2. […] Top 5 Favorite Trips – #4 Tuscany, Italy […]


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