Mexico Safety in a Post Covid World


Our Experience: Going to Mexico Safely

Airport Experience:

In today’s travel, safety is paramount. What used to have next to no thought attached to it, must now be thought through. Social distance, masks, rules getting into different countries and more! We are here to tell you that travel takes a little more concentration than before, but all in all, is still the enjoyable experience it always was! Be sure to contact us to discuss rules and regulations and best destinations for you will all things considered! JetSetPilot Travel remains your best resource for all this information without hours of research.

I chronicalized much of my recent trip to Mexico on my personal fb page in order to share the experience and the specific safety protocols along the way, and right from the start the trip was tame and comfortable.  Masks aren’t ideal, but they certainly aren’t going to keep us from vacationing.  The rest of the description went like this:

With full conviction, I fly to Mexico to show you all that traveling, if done with safety in mind, can be done.  To tell you a bit of my experience in PHL airport, things have been different, but easy.  Folks are being very respectful of spacing and masks and such.

We have a full plane, so folks are traveling!  There are less flights, so people have room to spread out.  There were no lines anywhere.  Many places to eat and have a drink are open.  Everyone seems super responsible from what I’ve seen.  People also seem less interactive, but friendly and patient when there are interactions.
There are safeguards where possible such as seat covers to make sure people aren’t sitting next to each other.

No checked bag means no one touches your bags other than you.  Even so, everyone touching your bags, ID etc are all wearing gloves and masks.  It’s been quite nice so far.  Stay tuned!!

There is one more form to fill out on the way down OR you may do it on your smart phone.


When you arrive, you go through immigration like normal.  Other than everyone wearing masks, this was the only difference.  A temperature screening area that you would not even notice you walked through if it were not for the signs telling you what it was:



We are highly recommending private transfers currently for obvious reasons.  They are a very inexpensive upgrade.  Bags were disinfected, everyone wore masks, you are given hand sanitizer and more.

Resort Safety:

All resorts have some methods of ensuring the safety of their guests.  Here is short video explaining how one of our partners is doing it.  This partner, in particular, is actually including insurance to cover your stay on their properties.

1. Temperature check upon arrival.
2. Wiping of feet and sanitization of hands as you enter restaurants.
3. Spacing of tables.
4. Menus only via Phone App.
5. Reservation requirements to limit guests in one space.
6. Insurance coverage included.
7. Large venues such as amphitheaters and night clubs currently closed.
a. In lieu of this, many smaller shows are scattered around the resorts.
8. 30% capped occupancy for all resorts currently.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Currently, Mexico requires one extra form to depart (see below).  You may also fill out that form via online app.



Final Takeaways:

Mexico is doing a fine job balancing safety with keeping vacation feeling the way it always has.  Of course there are some extra precautions, but that’s a great thing!  Expect conditions to improve and some of these precautions remain forever.  We highly recommend your next beach vacation come here based on relative ease of entry as well as extensive willingness to keep things safe.  See my last post about our adventure here:

So as many of you know, I went to Mexico last week.  There were some extra hurdles, but truly, it still felt like the vacations we all want and need right now.


Because I coach little league and so I can hug my kids with no worries, I got a test done.  It came back negative.  I want you all to know you can travel safely right now.  It does take some extra precaution, but it still is worth it and then some.


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