The pictures of seaside cliffs and perfectly green hills and plains are real! This is truly what Ireland is all about! While Dublin is a must see while in Ireland, just as necessary is the tour of the rest of the country. Using towns such as Killarney, Cork and Waterford as bases, explore such sites as the Cliffs of Moher and Blarney Castle. Also make sure to have some Guinness and Jameson at their place of birth. The locals will most likely join you!



Your first or last stop in any trip to Ireland, the country’s capital is also a great time! Enjoy a pub crawl or go straight to the sources of Guinness and Jameson at their respective factories. Not in the mood for a party? Check out the beautiful campus of Trinity College as well as the rest of the historic center of the city.


Touring Ireland

Looking to drive yourself in a rental car? Ireland is the perfect place to do so. Don’t want the hassle? Join one of the many tour groups circling this beautiful country. There are wonderful small towns and cities along the way that serve as great launching pads to see the natural beauty of the island. Don’t forget to stay in a bed & breakfast and a castle along the way!