As wedding costs continue to rise, more and more brides and grooms are looking for alternatives to the traditional wedding.  What could be more beautiful, more surreal than a wedding on a beach in the Caribbean or on the cliffs of Santorini in the Greek Isles?  Let JetSetPilot help you plan your unforgettable wedding in a destination that will make it special and pertinent to not only you, but your family and friends.  Read below to find out more about our services and what we can offer you as destination wedding organizers.



The Perfect Destination & Resort

With thousands of beaches to choose from around the world and even more resorts, let JetSetPilot help you choose which ones are perfect for you.  Some destinations offer opportunities to leave the resort, some do not.  Some beaches have white sand and clear water while others offer a more prestine, untouched feel.  Some countries are just plain difficult to get married in!  We know the where and when of picking a destination wedding.Thinking of Europe for that special day?  What makes the French Riviera different than the Amalfi Coast?  What island in Greece is the best and why?  Picturing a perfect wedding in a German castle or palace?  We can tell you why Munich over Heidelberg!


Finding You and Your Family the Best Value

For your wedding day, you will definitely be concerned about your budget.  You may also be worried about your guests’ pockets as well.  Rest assured, JetSetPilot will help you find the destination and resort you want and need while keeping the costs down for everyone involved.  We offer group rates that are many times steeply discounted from normal rates you would find elsewhere.  All of our expertise and planning time is included in the cost of rooms, so there are no surprise fees.


You Don’t Want to Deal with Aunt Gertrude!

Remember that time you had to help plan the family vacation to the beach?  It was way more work than you could imagine!  If you can picture that trip on the scale of 20, 50 or 100 people, that is what you would have to help organize if it weren’t for JetSetPilot!  We’ll organize everyone’s reservations, flights and transportation all while making sure you’re being taken care of by the local wedding planner.


Get the Most Out of Your Destination Wedding

While group rates are excellent and less expensive than normal rates, we also offer what we can in group amenities.  These come in the form of free stays for you and your guests, free upgrades, private parties and much more at no extra cost!  Take advantage of all group add-ons.  Also, remember that we are real people that you can call, meet with or email anytime and receive a quick answer.  We speak your language (literally) and can help you with any aspect of your wedding planning.


Contact us today to start planning your dream destination wedding!

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