Why Plan your honeymoon with JetSetPilot?

Based in the suburb’s of Philadelphia, JetSetPilot focuses on creating wonderful custom journeys through collaboration with our clients, not just pre-made packages. We work together to make your dreams come true!

You only get this chance once in a lifetime. It’s your honeymoon. It is an extension of your wedding and the true beginning to your marriage.  There is so much more to a honeymoon than just airfare and hotel nights so don’t think for one second about just going online and finding your vacation of a lifetime. You trusted the rest of your wedding with professionals, why wouldn’t you trust this trip with one as well? There are so many reasons to use an experience travel consultant for this special vacation. Here are just a few:

“The Caribbean in the fall; sounds reasonable enough!”

With so many destinations to choose from, sometimes it’s easier to just go the path of least resistance.  Many couples have spent all of their time and energy on their wedding and just can’t spend enough resources to realize that Bermuda in September may not be a good reason because of hurricanes.  Another horror story is the couple who end up in Brazil in July for their honeymoon only to find out it’s winter!  The point is that a good, experienced travel advisor like JetSetPilot Travel knows these pitfalls so you can avoid these and many, many more.

“My fiancé likes action and adventure, while I just want to relax!”

How many couples out there really just don’t like the same things or activities while on vacation?  The answer is “A Whole Lot!”  Fear not honeymooners, there are destinations all around the world that can answer both of your needs as travelers.  Whether you like the beach and your fiancé likes cities or you want all-inclusive, but your fiancé doesn’t want the Caribbean, there is always an answer that will make both of you happy!

“We just want to do something different than everyone else!”

Believe us, there are plenty of destinations to go around and we promise you’ll be going to one of them if you plan your honeymoon through us.  There is almost no place in the world that JetSetPilot Travel does not have experience planning trips to.  We also have been to a large percentage of these destinations and resorts as well and we can point you in the right direction.

Consider a Honeymoon Registry in addition to your traditional wedding registry, to help offset cost or give yourselves that suite upgrade you’ve been looking at!


Contact us today to start planning the honeymoon of your dreams!

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