JetSetPilot Travel is owned by husband and wife travel enthusiasts, Brian and Kristie Podvia. Founded in 2008, after more than a few trips abroad Brian and Kristie recognized the lack of personal interaction throughout the planning and traveling process. A stranger’s review of a resort cannot be trusted or validated, and an online booking engine does not provide the appropriate level of customer service travelers deserve. Budget vacations are a dime a dozen and can be found in your email inbox, billboards, TV ads and countless web brands specializing in discount travel. Brian and Kristie strive to not just meet a client’s budget, but consider the entire experience from flight routes, ground transportation, resort quality and location, to the customer service provided before, during and after and more! We invite you to trust us as the experts who have personally traveled to many of the most popular destinations we send our clients. Destination Weddings, family travel, corporate or group travel, luxury resorts…we do it all, and:

  • we don’t charge service fees
  • we price match
  • we remove the stress of research and booking on your own


Brian Podvia

Owner, Travel Consultant

To Brian, traveling is a lifestyle and a passion, and he is truly blessed to be able to work in an industry that he loves. Brian is our lead travel consultant, and would describe his ideal work day by planning the perfect multi-city European vacation.  Private transfers included!


Kristie Podvia

Owner, Director of Operations

Kristie has enjoyed traveling, learning new cultures and meeting new people for as long as she can remember, and is excited every day to help others do the same.  These days, Kristie’s favorite vacation destination includes sun, sand and water; a perfect place to relax and enjoy the stress-free days out of the office.

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JetSetPilot Travel Benefits

  1. Safety for our clients at all cost
  2. Trust of all our suppliers, hotels/resorts, and other vendors
  3. Quality of said suppliers, hotels/resorts, and other vendors
  4. Relationships with these suppliers which offer our clients preferential treatment in many cases
  5. Experience at the destinations, hotels/resorts and with tour and transportation guides
  6. Availability to our clients no matter what day or time it is
  7. Customer Service that we like to think is unmatched in the industry
  8. Friendliness which we hope you will take advantage of!

In return for all of this added value, JetSetPilot Travel only asks that our clients trust us and the itineraries, resorts and other selections we make for you as all of our experience and relationships and past client trip results all go into our process of building your trip.  There is infinite information out there and, frankly, many thousands of great hotels we do not use.  However, the ones we do use are of confirmed quality along with the many other services we build into your package

JetSetPilot Travel’s Process

In a world of the internet and easily accessible information, travel agencies around the world have struggled with adding value to the vacation planning process.  The fact is, the industry as a whole has overlooked the value they add in every trip: TRUST.  A client can build their own trip online, but can one trust and be comfortable with a destination, hotel, transportation, tours and other important parts of a trip before they he/she has actually experienced them?

The answer is that there is no way to trust a product you have never used before.  That is JetSetPilot Travel’s main focus while planning your trip: using suppliers, hotels and other vendors that we have built a relationship with.  The companies we use day in and day out are held to the accountable few who have made it through years of working together.  We know the managers of the hotels you will be staying in.  We have been picked up by the transfer agent at the airport you will be picked up by.  We have been to the destination you are visiting.

For these reasons and more, JetSetPilot Travel’s core business process is as follows:

1.        Establish communication with the client via email, phone or in person, but preferably via phone or in person. This step allows you to start building trust with us and gives us an opportunity to show you our expertise.

2.          Prepare a proposal for the client that includes the following:

        •        Itinerary
        •        Total Cost
        •        Outline of what is included
        •        Outline of the hotels/resorts we recommend (this includes peer reviews on independent websites as well as an outline of why we chose them for you)
        •        Maps when necessary
        •        Tour, Flight, rail, rental car and other transportation outlines
        •        Personal opinions and insight into many factors of your trip

3.      Clients then get the opportunity to review the proposal, let us know what they like and do not like about the proposal.

4.       JetSetPilot and the client can change the trip multiple times before making the final proposal.

5.       Upon agreement on a final trip itinerary and price, down payment is applied:

        •        Down payment is normally the cost of airfare + a small deposit + cost of insurance (if elected)
        •        The balance due is usually 60-45 days before you leave on your vacation
        •        This is not the case in every situation, but in most
        •        Payment can be made with any major credit card

6.        The client will receive physical paperwork before they travel that is outlined clearly and concisely, including directions on how to find your transportation, confirmation codes, insurance information, flight information and other important travel information.  This will be presented in one small book or packet which travels with you easily

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