St. Martin / St. Maarten

A Welcoming Island with Options for All Traveler Types

At JetSetPilot, we never sent a lot of guests to St. Martin. What we didn’t realize was how dynamic the island is and how it answers so many needs of so many different type of travelers. With the addition of the new Secrets St. Martin, it finally filled the last gap it had in its amazing repertoire.

Why St. Martin?

The true question is: why not? This island has so much going for it.

Logistically speaking, it has many direct flights from the east coast, making it easy to come and go. From New York, the travel is only 3:40 or so, making it a nice, short trip that takes a few more minutes than Miami. Once you get to St. Martin, you are on the Dutch half of the island. There are some great hotels on that part of the island and if you’re into going out, the casinos, shopping and other fun, you might want to stay on this side of the island. They also have great beaches, of course. However, if you want quiet, more preserved nature and a get away from it all feel, you might want to stay on the French side. There are not many resorts to choose from on that side, and part of the reason it’s quiet. The island is very small, so from one end to the other it’s about 30 minutes with no traffic. Or….. you can take a boat to your resort like we did on this last trip 😊. Highly recommended.

What is there to do on the island? There’s almost TOO much to do on the island! The entire island is safe to explore, so if you like adventuring from your resort, this is a great destination. Our group experienced a myriad of day-trips, including zip-lining, natural springs, hiking, hidden beaches, shopping, gourmet dining and much more.

Of course, watching the flights take off and land within feet of the beach is the most famous. When the big flights from Amsterdam and Paris take off, you better hold on! Meanwhile, there are colonial forts and picturesque towns to explore with Dutch and French feels. Cafes and restaurants are quite amazing. You can also visit one of the neighboring islands, like Anguilla, which does not have an airport to speak of so you must take a boat. Lastly, anything you might be able to experience on the ocean is at your fingertips. We personally kayaked with a family of sea turtles and hiked to their sanctuary in a hidden beach. You can snorkel, enjoy sunsets and anything else you might think of on the water!

Where should I stay? As mentioned previously, if you are looking to socialize, shop, explore towns, gamble while staying at a nice beach, the answer is the Dutch side! There are a handful of hotels we recommend depending on if you’re a family, adults and other factors that weigh in on that choice. Meanwhile, the French side does not boast many options, but we very much fell in love with Secrets, which is all-inclusive and adults-only. It has the perfect setting on Anse Marcel Bay. Hopefully soon, there will be a dreams next door you can bring the kids to, as well. No matter what, you’re just a short ride away from anything you want on the island.

What makes St. Martin unique? The people. The people on the island are so welcoming. They are glad to share their history, kick around the football or just have a drink with you. Unlike some destinations, the friendliness does not come at the cost of true service at the resort. All in all, the folks of the island treat you like a human being, and it was very much appreciated be Kristie and I, as well as the rest of our group.

When to go? The ideal time is anywhere from December through June. There is little rain and the temperature generally sits in the low to mid 80’s. July through October are generally hurricane season and the rainy season is September through November, but there is still a lot of fun to be had on this island during that time frame. We went in July and it was amazing!

More to come on the resort, Secrets St. Martin, during our next post. Thanks for reading and make sure to call us at JetSetPilot Travel if you are considering a trip anywhere in the world, including St. Martin. Our phone number is 215-272-3221 and you can email us at

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