Corporate Rewards Trip, Puerto Rico


At JetSetPilot we’ve enjoyed working with our corporate clients for years, so much so that we’ve recently launched Travel Benefit Solutions , a division of JetSetPilot focused solely on corporate clients and their desire to attract, retain and reward their top talent through offering a suite of travel related benefits.  We understand the key drivers to successful group and individual incentive and rewards programs and strive to partner with companies of all sizes, budgets and needs. From simply outsourcing the customer service and booking of hundreds of travelers, to full service program curating exciting destinations for a robust individual incentive program, or planning an art inspired work/play long weekend for a design firm’s staff.

One of our favorite clients in particular has leveraged us the past 2 years for their annual group rewards trip for their top sales team members.  Our key contact, Katrina, has helped facilitate the trip on the client side and has been such an intricate part of making these trips successful.  In reference to pre-planning for the trip, everything went about as smoothly as possible!!

For this client in particular, not only do we plan and execute the arrangements, but Brian also travels with the group as their private concierge to ensure a no-hassle experience.  From rallying the troops for dinner or an excursion to ensuring meeting rooms are setup with necessary amenities, having him on site has been of extreme value.

Another successful Sales Rewards Trip.  All the planning once again pays off.  I can’t thank Brian enough for all your hard work making sure that everything is a seamless process.  I have so much fun planning these trips as well.   Brian takes such careful thought and consideration to all the details which make the trip extra special.  I enjoyed our brainstorming sessions deciding on the best destination to get the best bang for our buck given we are working with a budget.  This year’s destination to Puerto Rico didn’t disappoint.  All the participants had a blast.  They especially loved the excursions Brian planned to El Yunque Rainforest Tour and the sunset cruise that they took.  Everyone absolutely loved it.  Brian did an amazing job making sure that everyone was happy with their accommodations.  He worked with everyone that had special travel arrangements and extended their stays as well.  He makes everything so easy and his expertise is priceless.  I am so excited to be working with him on our 3rd annual Sales trip.  I couldn’t be happier with JetSetPilot and it gives me great confidence knowing that all our sales trip winners really get an amazing travel experience.  Brian, you rock! 

Puerto Rico 2017 Recap

Hotel, Facilities, Service

While not the most attractive hotel on the exterior, the lobby, casino, beach pool and more really made up for that and then some. The rooms were also not extremely luxurious, but the decks with amazing oceanfront views with high placement were exceptional. Great views, water, sand and saltwater pool. Service was top-notch. I can’t think of any service issues the entire trip and the people were memorable. Folks also loved the authentic neighborhood with nearby Starbucks, convenience stores and great food.



For our budget, this trip was an extreme value point! A group could easily spend much more and not be as happy or have so much packed into a trip such as this one. I am VERY happy with the outcome of the trip and how happy everyone seemed. I also feel it allowed the team to really get to know everyone and create bonds.

Day 1

Arrival – Everything here seemed to go according to plan. I met everyone in Philadelphia except for one couple that arrived before the trip started. The transportation went great and everything went smoothly with no issues. The hotel did have some rooms ready, but not all rooms, which is to be expected and was discussed with the group beforehand so no issues from that.

Dinner – It was unfortunate that we had to move inside from our originally planned venue on the pool deck, however, the group made the best of it. The dinner was well-received and we had time to chat before and after dinner as well as during. There was no music, but one guest brought down her music and we used that. That was fun and nice! Most folks stayed out and enjoyed themselves as a group.


Day 2

Meeting – Breakfast was served with no problems and the group had their meetings/presentations. A key to any good rewards trip is to sprinkle in just a few work related activities. It’s good from a tax perspective for the company, and some of the best work brainstorming can be done when outside of the office!

meeting room

Rainforest – Much of the group was excited for this trip and some weren’t as excited for the “touristy” kind of trip we had set up. However, by the time the trip was over, I believe the vast majority of the group really embraced the excursion, learned some things, experienced some new habitat and culture. Our trip was highlighted by the guides, one of which was a really outgoing Puerto Rican named Jorge who told us some really funny stories.

Evening Hor’doerves – This was a great decision by Katrina to host this event tonight as it ended up allowing some really nice downtime the next day. This event was only 45 minutes after we arrived back from the rainforest, so I expected some people to miss this event. However, everyone showed up and enjoyed some good food and drink before heading out for the night.


Day 3

Morning Meeting – Another necessary but quick morning meeting to bring together the team in a work atmosphere.

Free Day – Very well-received downtime that was used many different ways such as the pool, the beach, heading down to Old San Juan, sleep and more. Just what the doctor ordered for everyone.


Sunset Cruise – This may have been the best event of the trip, with great weather, a nice sail boat, great crew, food and drinks. We had a lovely sunset and the setting was near-ideal. Some folks stayed in town while the others went back to the hotel just in time for the NFL draft.


Day 4

Breakfast & Transportation – Everything went smoothly and was a nice end to the trip!


We can’t wait for next year’s trip, already determined to be in New Orleans!  The food is sure to be amazing and entertainment will not disappoint.  Here’s to hitting our sales goals in 2017!


Check out Travel Benefit Solutions for more details on how you can offload the burden of your existing travel program, or talk to us about the best options for incorporating travel into your company’s rewards program!

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