Family Vacation to Walt Disney World


Planning a family vacation? The logistics alone can seem overwhelming.  Choosing your destination is just the start, next comes finding the right family friendly resort within budget, reviewing flight schedules, arranging ground transportation as well as possibly prescheduling activities.

Walt Disney World is a top destination for family vacations, and on top of flights and hotel, there are activities to plan, meal plan options, and parks to choose from.  These are all part of the vacation planning process our travel consultants will walk you through and ensure the best options for your family and your budget are chosen.

Remember – all of our expertise, guidance and customer service is at no additional cost to you!


Mike and Nicole have been clients of ours for years, so when they decided it was time for a Disney trip with their 3 year old daughter they gave us a call.  After discussing what was important to Mike and Nicole, we decided on a 4 night stay within the park at the Pop Centery Resort.  A few calls, emails and an in-person meeting later (including topics such as what to expect when traveling with a toddler), they were ready for the most magical place on earth!

Upon arrival transportation to the hotel was a breeze, with the Magic Express taking care of getting their luggage from the airport to the hotel.  A couple afternoons were spent relaxing at the pool in addition to riding as many rides as possible, leveraging their meal plan and taking advantage of the fast passes by meeting a cast of Princesses and enjoying the Festival of Fantasy Parade and firework display. And what Disney vacation is complete without a lunch at Chef Mickey’s where they met Mickey and Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy!

We were so excited as we saw social media posts pop up with nothing but smiles and laughter.

Upon their return Mike was kind enough to write a raving review of the planning process and trip itself:

My family just returned from our vacation to Disney a few days ago and we’re still on cloud nine. The wonderful memories we made will last a lifetime, and with a second child on the way, we’re so grateful that we decided to take this trip together.

Since this was our first trip to Disney and our daughter’s first time on a plane, we had a multitude of questions about the whole experience. Brian’s knowledge was incredibly helpful, and it allowed us to focus more on other things, like packing (don’t forget the sunscreen) and whether or not we should bring a stroller for our toddler (the answer is yes). To be perfectly honest, we had some reservations about taking the trip in general, but Brian worked with us to arrange the right plan and everything came together perfectly.

We’ve entrusted JetSetPilot with some of our most important vacations, including our destination wedding to Riviera Maya and now our first trip as a family. It’s been a relief knowing that we can rely on them to handle the arrangements so we can concentrate on making memories with our family. As we’ve grown as a family, so have our travel plans, and we wholeheartedly trust JetSetPilot with them. – Mike

Hearing our clients have wonderful experiences with their families is what we love most about our job.

Are you thinking about your next family vacation?  Please contact us; we guarantee to match any price you find online, have no added fees, and would love to help plan an amazing once in a life time experience for you and your family.

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