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How to earn points

Clients of JetSetPilot are automatically enrolled into our JetSetPilot Rewards Program, with points being distributed or “earned” upon completion of your own trip or your referrals’ trip.

There are three ways to earn Rewards Points:

Earn 1 reward point for every $100 spent on your own travel*
Earn 50 rewards points for every individual referral*
Earn 100 rewards points for every group referral**

*For individual or referral points to be earned travel must meet the following minimum requirements: 3 night hotel stay and $2000 total trip package value.

**A “group” is defined as 10 rooms or more. Not applicable to corporate trips/clients.

Points earned will be back-dated 2 year from June 1, 2017 to the best ability of JetSetPilot. This is not guaranteed.


How to redeem points

  • Points may be redeemed as soon as they are earned*, there is no waiting period!
  • Contact us to begin planning your next vacation, and let your agent know you’d like to redeem your earned points.
  • We’ll validate the points earned and provide you with a list of redemption options applicable to your vacation.
  • You’ll select from our list of options and it will become a part of your trip package!

* points are “earned” upon completion of your own trip or your referrals’ trip


Terms and Conditions

Points may only be redeemed when booking includes a minimum 3 night hotel stay and $2000 total trip package value.  Redemption options will vary and may include room upgrades, private transfers, spa credits or excursion credits. Contact JetSetPilot Travel for full list of available options. Points are combinable with other offers.  If no action is taken within 1 year of your last activity of any kind, JSP may rescind your points.  Rewards points can be given or rescinded at the discretion of JetSetPilot at any time.  Points have no true monetary value and can only be used for the purposes of travel with JetSetPilot Travel.

If you are a current client or have referred friends, please contact us to confirm your earned reward points.

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